About Me


Hi, my name is Mark, I’m deaf and this is my blog about my adventures on this journey we call life.  I’m an avid traveler and adventurer who strives to see the good in the world around me. I love sports, especially soccer and hockey and am a huge fan of calisthenics.

Doing a handstand on the trestle near Victoria
Doing a handstand on the trestle near Victoria

I’m a full-time student at an amazing university on the west coast of Canada but am certainly looking forward to graduating in a years time. I try to get outdoors as much as I can but can be found guilty of watching a little too much Netflix and HGTV (one of my lesser known guilty pleasures).

I was born with a hearing loss in both years and currently wear hearing aids. Though I am considered officially “disabled”, I don’t see it as that and by no means let it hinder me. There are even some perks to being deaf (or hard of hearing, as I technically am, but always say deaf) which include some pretty incredible sports teams, and an amazing transcribing system for my schooling.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have parents who instilled a passion for seeing and learning about the world in me. Later on, as I grew older and more independent, I traveled more on my own. I took a year off of school a couple years ago and traveled around the world. I enjoyed two months of backpacking in Southeast Asia (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand) before a 5 week safari in Africa (from South Africa up to Tanzania) and then ending with a three month stint of volunteering in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Check out my old blog (mesherwood.tumblr.com/) for stories from that trip including getting “married”, stung by a jellyfish, skydiving, whitewater rafting, bridge swinging, sleeping in a desert under the stars, and falling out of a papaya tree to help out a friend which ended with a nightmarish night in a rugged African hospital.

Exploring a Cave in Vietnam
Exploring a cave in Vietnam

My most recent trip was to Brazil with the Canadian National Deaf Soccer/Futsal team to qualify for the Deaf Futsal World Cup. We didn’t qualify, but we had an incredible time anyways. My next trip is month long field school in Northern Europe on Sustainable Cities, followed by two weeks of backpacking Europe.

This blog actually started years ago, only it was under another name back then; mesherwood.tumblr.com/ – Travels With a Deaf Guy. I’ve decided to make a new blog and a new name as I find “adventures” to be more applicable to everyday life, rather than only blogging when I’m traveling.

I welcome you to join me as I chronicle my steps and missteps of this journey.

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